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McAfee Exclusion for VMware App Volumes 2.x – 100% CPU Issues

In your Virtual Desktop Infrastructure with the following configurations:

If you start noticing 100 % - CPU Usage for prolonged period of time and the Horizon Session getting disconnected from time to time after launch then you might need to include the following exclusion within your Writable Volumes (UIA+Profile) snapvol.cfg file:

exclude_process_path=\Program Files\Common Files\McAfee\SystemCore

My colleague Daniel Bakshi has written an extensive blogpost on how to modify the snapvol.cfg for individual or group of end-users please reference it to make the necessary changes - Using the VMware App Volumes snapvol.cfg File to Customize Writable Volumes

I hope you will find these exclusion useful and will help you resolve a similar issue a lot quicker. A big thanks to Art Rothstein in helping to troubleshoot and resolve the issue.

Aresh Sarkari


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