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How to use Adplus to generate User memory dump’s Windows 2003

ADPlus is a tool that will allow us to get a memory dump from a process that is giving you problems.  To get this tool, please install the "Debugging Tools for Windows" from http://www.microsoft.com/whdc/devtools/debugging/installx64.mspx

Once these tools are installed, do the following:

1. Create a directory called c:\adplus

2. Determine the pid of the process you wish to monitor by looking at the "Process" tab in task manager, you will need this later

3. Open a command prompt and change to the directory where you installed the debugging tools.  By default, this is c:\Program Files\Debugging Tools for Windows

4. Type the following: "cscript adplus.vbs -crash -p PID -o c:\adplus" (without the quotes, where PID is the number you determined in step 2).

5. Do not interfere with the windows that is opened, just let it run minimized.

6. You will not be able to log off the system while you are monitoring.

7. When the crash occurs, please zip and send me the contents of the c:\adplus directory.

Reference Microsoft KB article:

286350 HOWTO: Use Autodump+ to Troubleshoot "Hangs" and "Crashes"

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